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Monday, October 29, 2012

Marcella Monkey's Wild Adventures!

Meet Marcella.  She is a fun-loving gal who likes to travel.  Over the course of this past summer, she went on some new adventures with her friends Carolina and Ron to Costa Rica and Guatamala. 

One always needs to check out the pool scene when checking into a hotel.

Ahh, fresh sea area.  A little sun (along with gobs of sunscreen) and volleyball with friends.

Phew!  It's been a long day, but this girl has her accessories and is ready to party.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Crochet is like any craft or art, sometimes you need to take a break... which I sort of did.  Not completely voluntarily, due to other commitments and a full-time job, but resting after a long day was much more beneficial than making monkey butts.  It also took a good chat with a friend, Cindy of Simply Cindy, to get us both going on our craft kick and get an early start for our craft fairs in November. Sometimes it takes fear of upcoming deadlines to make you realize the urgency of getting certain things done.

It's just not getting items made to sell.  Also, it's signage, displays, presentation, and basic tools needed to make on the spot sales.  I have to keep telling myself... I've got time on that.  The crafts need the most attention and care.  Without a good product, all the flash and signage in the world won't ultimately win over the customers, who spread the word about your items. 

Currently, I'm also trying to build up my internet business.  Competing online craft stores, social media, and pinning all over the place, it's too much!  Time to focus on the tried and true methods and make those a success.

So, enough of the business yakety yak.  Current projects...  I'm working on a weighted companion cube for a friend, and trying to make an extra for immediate sale.  Then a number of custom projects that will present some fun challenges.  Just the things I needed to stretch and learn more techniques.  Of course, I have a bajillion minions and toys to make, along with starting up my line of cowl scarves for the autumn and winter.  I think my friends and family can know what to expect for the holidays this year if I don't sell much. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catnip Dreams

There has been a lot of activity on the Minion front.  I posted two new catnip toy offerings on Etsy.  So far, I've concentrated the new items to the catnip line on summertime colors of taupe, coral, and turquoise.  Soon, I'll switch over to autumn and Christmas/Hanukkah colors for the two craft shows I will be doing in November.  (November 10th and 17th if you're an early planner)  Luckily, I'll have two friends at those shows to help with advice and we'll be crafting regularly at work to get our stock.

It's really hard right now to invest my time and money knowing that the majority of my revenue might come in November.  Otherwise, I wait for a friend to announce a pregnant acquaintance who wants a particular minion.  I'm at the point of my business that with a little bit more time, I can get everything looking professional, but need a bit more seed money to help make that a reality.

Catnip Chickadee

Catnip Fish

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New inspirations from Asheville, NC

Recently, I've been struggling with how to expand my business and thought:  I can't expand if I don't have ample lines of products that make sense to the overall identity of the company!  I've got two craft fairs on deck for November and will have to start producing now to be able to accommodate the quick turnaround of the fairs being back to back.  I was significantly tempted to participate in a fair down in NC, but the outright costs at this moment are too much for me to invest in, so I will concentrate on being awesome come winter!

Over the weekend I designed a new catnip toy... a goldfish!  The image provided here is just of the prototype and taken for scale.  So far, the test kitty whole-heartedly approved it!  I'm excited because I will get to use bright colors and make this a fun little display.  My mind started reeling because I thought a small vignette would be fun... an aquarium.  Make a series of goldfish (and maybe some clownfish) and make little brain coral balls.  At the very least, I look forward to making a variety of fish that are tropical colored in addition to playing around with themes.  Dying to try a punk fish that is black with hot pink stitching around the edges and for the eyes.  If you have any ideas, let me know!!

In my travels in Asheville this weekend, I not only visited the local Michaels for the great sale on Impeccable worsted weight yarn which is perfect for amigurumi, but also a local yarn store.  Purl's Yarn Emporium is a fantastic shop that has super nice folks and provide some fantastic fibers.  What I really love about them is that they incorporate local yarns and promote a community atmosphere.  It's also situated in downtown Asheville which has some really awesome shops and restaurants.  Think next time I visit down there, I may just crochet in different cafes and at Purl's.

To get back on track with the goal of this post, I picked up two merino roving type yarns from Purls.  One hank that reminds me of fire, and the other of ice.  I am trying to finish my current minion orders before working on cowls with these fibers.  If it works out then I will definitely need to get back down there and buy up their stock of it!

Well, back to the drudgery of the day, looking forward to running home and finishing up some minions so that I can create new looks and designs!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Struggles in Business

I have to say that making Meg's Minions into a full-fledged business has reinvigorated my enthusiasm to get the brand name out there.  It's been terribly difficult with no capital for advertising. has been quite helpful with short product blasts, but I simply can't make enough to keep doing that!

New strategy... keep advertising in different ways, but look to craft fairs.  I've applied for one that takes place in November in Centreville, VA, but will start scouring different level of fairs to get a sense of artistry and what sells.  I'm excited that the Smithsonian Women's Committee Spring Fair is coming up soon and will yield an exciting look at craft that is elevated to a fine art, along with the Sugarloaf festival in Gaithersburg, MD.  I simply don't want to churn out easy to make and pedestrian pieces.  Meg's Minions has, so far, been quite unique and I strive for that.  Although, I don't want to produce so esoteric items that no one would buy them.  Man!  I will do anything not to work in retail again!

So, dear friends, I've been imploring you and will continue to, let me know about any craft fairs that are looking for vendors and to be a walking advertisement for Meg's Minions!  Any ideas of cool products are always gratefully accepted.
I've got to run, but leave you with a Meg's Minions teddy bear... for the mental hug that I'm giving myself until I can a big one from my husband!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome to Meg's Minions!

Here is the inaugural blog posting for Meg's Minions' very own blog.  If you've read the "About Me" section, you'll see that this blog is dedicated to Meg's Minions and the inspiration behind it.

I guess I'll dive right into it then...

On Friday, I officially made Meg's Minions a registered small business!  I'm eager to expand my business online past and get into craft fairs.  I've always been a believer that seeing the product in person will both ensure that the product in question is right for you, whether fit or feel, and gives you an instinctual feeling about being secure in getting that product.  Perhaps I'm a bit biased, where I think my Minions are adorable, but their character really shines through when you get to play with one.  Crochet is a very tactile crafts, both in the making and the end-craft, and can be misunderstood in low-res jpg's on the internet.

Ok, enough of the rant about my business philosophies, onto the creative items!!  This weekend has been fairly productive.  Thanks to the newly uploaded episodes of Doctor Who, I was able to churn out the parts to a custom kitten minion (a memorial for a dear friend's pet that had recently passed away) and the start of a new design... a penguin.

This week, I'll be registering for a specialty class at Looped Yarn Works in Washington, DC, to learn even more about crochet fabric construction when sculpting.

Today's picture post is the latest Minion to be uploaded to a cute little turtle.  You'll have to check out my shop page to see the other pics of this turtle. :)