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Meg's Minions
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Crochet is like any craft or art, sometimes you need to take a break... which I sort of did.  Not completely voluntarily, due to other commitments and a full-time job, but resting after a long day was much more beneficial than making monkey butts.  It also took a good chat with a friend, Cindy of Simply Cindy, to get us both going on our craft kick and get an early start for our craft fairs in November. Sometimes it takes fear of upcoming deadlines to make you realize the urgency of getting certain things done.

It's just not getting items made to sell.  Also, it's signage, displays, presentation, and basic tools needed to make on the spot sales.  I have to keep telling myself... I've got time on that.  The crafts need the most attention and care.  Without a good product, all the flash and signage in the world won't ultimately win over the customers, who spread the word about your items. 

Currently, I'm also trying to build up my internet business.  Competing online craft stores, social media, and pinning all over the place, it's too much!  Time to focus on the tried and true methods and make those a success.

So, enough of the business yakety yak.  Current projects...  I'm working on a weighted companion cube for a friend, and trying to make an extra for immediate sale.  Then a number of custom projects that will present some fun challenges.  Just the things I needed to stretch and learn more techniques.  Of course, I have a bajillion minions and toys to make, along with starting up my line of cowl scarves for the autumn and winter.  I think my friends and family can know what to expect for the holidays this year if I don't sell much. :)

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