Meg's Minions

Meg's Minions
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catnip Dreams

There has been a lot of activity on the Minion front.  I posted two new catnip toy offerings on Etsy.  So far, I've concentrated the new items to the catnip line on summertime colors of taupe, coral, and turquoise.  Soon, I'll switch over to autumn and Christmas/Hanukkah colors for the two craft shows I will be doing in November.  (November 10th and 17th if you're an early planner)  Luckily, I'll have two friends at those shows to help with advice and we'll be crafting regularly at work to get our stock.

It's really hard right now to invest my time and money knowing that the majority of my revenue might come in November.  Otherwise, I wait for a friend to announce a pregnant acquaintance who wants a particular minion.  I'm at the point of my business that with a little bit more time, I can get everything looking professional, but need a bit more seed money to help make that a reality.

Catnip Chickadee

Catnip Fish

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