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Monday, January 20, 2014

Striped Pillow Pattern

Striped Pillow Cover
By Meg Rivers (Meg’s Minions)

5 skeins of Bernat Roving Yarn (It takes about 5 skeins of yarn, but you may want more if you are switching up a number of colors
I hook (5.50 mm)
Tapestry Needle
Pillow insert
4 Buttons (1 ¼ inch diam)

Notes: The dimensions of the pillow cover depend on the size/area of your insert. Also, you will be crocheting in the round and joining after each row.
Stitch: BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet,

For the pillow above, which was just a fun attempt at covering up a rather ratty looking throw pillow…

Main pillow:
Ch 49
1: DC in each stitch after the 3rd st in the chain. At the end of the row, turn and DC in each stitch until the end. Join.
2-42: Ch 3, BPDC in each, sl st in 1st st
Make as many rows as needed to fit the pillow on both sides

The flap is made with a regular DC because BPDC creates a backrow thickness while great to add bulk to the overall case, makes it difficult to close up.
43-44: Ch 3, DC in each st, sl st in 1st st
45: Ch 3, dec DC, 44 DC, dec DC. Join
46: Ch 3, dec DC, 42 DC, dec DC. Join
47: Ch 3, dec DC, 40 DC, dec DC. Join
48: Ch 3, dec DC, 38 DC, dec DC. Join
To close up, I only had two matching buttons, but would recommend at least four. In light of too few buttons, I sewed the underside of the flap with worsted weight yarn to keep it securely fastened.

At the end, you should be thrilled with your “new” cozy pillow and your friends might be exhausted from your efforts…

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Since I’m still a novice at pattern writing, please contact me with any clarifications, corrections, or questions.