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Meg's Minions
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Struggles in Business

I have to say that making Meg's Minions into a full-fledged business has reinvigorated my enthusiasm to get the brand name out there.  It's been terribly difficult with no capital for advertising. has been quite helpful with short product blasts, but I simply can't make enough to keep doing that!

New strategy... keep advertising in different ways, but look to craft fairs.  I've applied for one that takes place in November in Centreville, VA, but will start scouring different level of fairs to get a sense of artistry and what sells.  I'm excited that the Smithsonian Women's Committee Spring Fair is coming up soon and will yield an exciting look at craft that is elevated to a fine art, along with the Sugarloaf festival in Gaithersburg, MD.  I simply don't want to churn out easy to make and pedestrian pieces.  Meg's Minions has, so far, been quite unique and I strive for that.  Although, I don't want to produce so esoteric items that no one would buy them.  Man!  I will do anything not to work in retail again!

So, dear friends, I've been imploring you and will continue to, let me know about any craft fairs that are looking for vendors and to be a walking advertisement for Meg's Minions!  Any ideas of cool products are always gratefully accepted.
I've got to run, but leave you with a Meg's Minions teddy bear... for the mental hug that I'm giving myself until I can a big one from my husband!

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